Tatenda Dhliwayo – Lead Animator

I am a graduate from The Animation School, Cape Town. For my final year (3rd year) project I worked on an animated short film called Witch.

This film preceded to the finalist Level in the 2013 New York Festivals International Television & Film Awards. ‘Witch’ is one of the three short films from The Animation School nominated in South Africa with entries in from over 50 countries.

I’m proud to announce that ‘Witch’ has been rewarded a 2013 Finalist Certificate for world’s best in the student film category and the short film production. http://www.newyorkfestivals.com/winners/2013/pieces.php?iid=448241&pid=1

The short film took nine months to produce three minutes thirty seconds (3:30) of finished animation with a team of six people. We used Autodesk Maya for Modelling, Rigging, Animating, Dynamics, Lighting, and Rendering. Also used Autodesk Mudbox for Sculpting, Texturing, Displacement maps and normal maps. Finally we also used Adobe After Effects for compositing and Visual Effects. We had the sound track from the beginning which we got from a Dubstep Composer.

I was the Lead Animator and Prop modeller in this short film. My main responsibility was to animate the 7 missing kids from start to finish. The other tasks I had was to block or animate the main character into the main key poses, refining rough animated characters and oversee animations done by the other team members.

In the beginning of this production we didn’t have anything to animate, we had to start creating the environment. I modelled and textured the Lounge room and some furniture in the dining room i.e. the chairs, Cutlery, goblets and candle stands on walls.

This is so far the best production I have worked on and I’m looking forward to produce more, to Animate, to give life to lifeless characters or objects.

You can check out the video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-yfT-TdtKwc