Bako animation Studio is an award winning animation production house based in Harare Zimbabwe. Bako has existed from 2013 and has already grown to produce some of the most exceptional visual work in the country. We strive to create amazing visuals anchored on an ever-growing foundation of artistic and technical knowledge that breathes life into the heart of our work. The visual content we produce including Animation, visual effects and design, can be used across different media and platforms allowing for cohesive campaigns that standout.

Bako is JAAG Partner. The Joint Afrikan Animation Group has over 80 members that consist of graphic designers, web designers, motion designers and animators. We employ designers from JAAG and constantly tap into the creative pool to uncover new talent. We are committed to advancing the animation industry in Zimbabwe through education and integration into the mainstream advertising sector.
We already work with ad agencies, and other production and media houses such as BegottenSun Media, KYN, NafunaTV, The Agency, Khaya Defero, Seleville, Livecast, New Sofala & Loud Communications.